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The Shakespeare Handbooks provide a helpful, straightforward guide to the work of the world’s most celebrated dramatist. Along with a clear, easy-to-follow description of the plot, each book contains plenty of quotations from the text – with simple explanations of any unfamiliar words and phrases – and some thought-provoking comments from critics, past and present.

The Shakespeare Handbooks include a few intriguing Shakespearean facts and figures, too. How old was Shakespeare when he wrote Julius Caesar? Why was it such an important milestone in his career? How does the play reflect the political anxiety and censorship of the time? Who directed a version of the play in 1937 in which Caesar bore a strong resemblance to Mussolini? Which lines from the play most impressed Nelson Mandela during his years of imprisonment? Why is bear-baiting mentioned in the play? And which was ‘the most unkindest cut of all’?

If you’re apprehensive about approaching a Shakespeare play, the Shakespeare Handbooks provide the perfect introduction. They’re ideal for students, theatregoers – in fact, anyone curious to know more about the greatest plays in the English language.

These are a few of the appreciative comments we’ve received about the Shakespeare Handbooks:
“Tremendously useful in helping to understand Shakespeare’s works” – Dame Judi Dench.
“Very readable, very helpful” – Kenneth Branagh.
“The Shakespeare Handbooks open the plays up admirably. Excellent for all levels of reader – everybody will get something from them.” – Simon Callow.

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