A History of England, Julius Caesar to R...



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This volume, which is the first third of a book that was used in Charlotte Mason’s schools for English History, contains the history of Britain from the landing of Julius Caesar to the death of Richard III. “”A small book, written in simple language, sufficiently full to serve for reference, and at the same time sufficiently interesting to be read as well as to be consulted, and a book within the reach of all in matter of price, is what very many men and women, both young and old, undoubtedly require. To supply such a book has been the sole aim of the author.”” -H. O. Arnold-Forster Originally published in 1907, it tells of characters and events which are worthy of study today. “”It is a great thing to possess a pageant of history in the background of one’s thoughts…the present becomes enriched with the wealth of all that has gone before.”” (Charlotte Mason)

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