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“What the Internet did for communications, Blockchain will do for trusted transactions”. – Ginni Rometty, IBM CEO

Bitcoin and it’s disruptive architecture, Blockchain, is now making the biggest revolution in the Finance sector for the last 100 years.

The goal of this book is NOT to plumb the depths of the mathematical wizardry used to code blockchain-based applications.

The goal of this book is simple.

To serve as an introduction to the broader background behind blockchain technology, and how it applies to YOU.

In this short, concise guide you will learn:

A Brief History of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Basics: Managing Digital Transactions

Blockchain Beyond Bitcoin

Implications Of Blockchain: Big Data, Privacy & Personal Data

Profiting from Blockchain Technologies

Limitations & Challenges of Blockchain

The Future of Blockchain

For Centuries, people have relied on corrupt Centralized Institutions like banks and Governments to serve as intermediaries when it comes to storing and transacting financial assets.

This is ALL About To Change…

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