Caesar: A Novel



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(as of Apr 03,2021 11:33:26 UTC – Details)

In the long, fabled history of Rome, never was there one more adored — yet more feared — than Gaius Julius Caesar. Invincible on the field of battle, he commands the love and loyalty of those who fight at his side and would gladly give their lives for his glory. Yet in Rome there are enemies everywhere orchestrating his downfall and disgrace. Fanatical rivals like Cato and Bibulus would tear Rome asunder just to destroy her greatest champion — using their wiles, position, and false promises to seduce others into the fold: vacillating Cicero, the spineless Brutus … even Pompey the Great, Caesar’s former ally. But only ill fortune can come to the “Good Men” who underestimate Caesar. For Rome
is his glorious destiny — one that will impel him reluctantly to the banks of the Rubicon … and beyond, into triumphant legend.

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