Caesar Ascending-India: Limited Edition



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Caesar Ascending-India Limited Edition is the third volume of the bestselling alternate history series in which Caesar survives the assassination in March of 44 BC and carries out his planned invasion of Parthia. Now that Parthia has been pacified and turned into a Roman province, Julius Caesar sets his eyes on India, the mysterious land that the Macedonian King Alexander could not subdue. Determined to surpass Alexander’s achievement, Caesar leads his vast army out of Parthia, and marching with him as always is Titus Pullus and his Equestrians, the famed 10th Legion. Landing on the western coast of northern India, what Caesar has never divulged, even to his most trusted officers, is that he is not going to be satisfied with anything less than reaching the eastern boundary of India, the River Ganges, Alexander’s objective three centuries earlier, but which the Macedonian king failed to attain. In order to achieve this feat, his Legions must first face the famed war elephants of the Indian kingdom of Bharuch, but Caesar faces defeat not only from his enemies, but from the men of his own army when they finally learn that his intention is not to return to Parthia at the end of the fighting season. This campaign in India will prove to be Caesar’s most challenging yet, and will be a test for his Legions as they stand and fight the armored behemoths that are the most powerful weapon of their time.This Limited Edition contains a Bonus Chapter and a montage of covers featuring Titus Pullus, Legionary of Rome, and the characters who impacted his remarkable career.

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