Caesar’s Palace 2000 – Sega ...



Price: $20.00
(as of May 26,2022 11:40:32 UTC – Details)

Caesars Palace, a Las Vegas icon that represents high-stakes gambling, has come to the Dreamcast in the form of Caesars Palace 2000. The second update of the original, this title offers all the games you’d find in the landmark casino–blackjack, roulette, craps, mini baccarat, slot machines, video keno, video poker, poker challenge, pai-gow poker, red dog, war, Spanish 21, and more. You’ll not only make your wagers with authentic Caesars Palace cards and chips, you’ll be playing under official house rules. And don’t worry–if you hit the skids, you can always borrow money from one of the cashiers. Also, Interplay has gone to the trouble of having the game’s odds verified by math analyst William Bertram, so you’ll know that Lady Luck isn’t playing any favorites. The only things you’ll miss from this game are room service, the lounge acts, and possibly a motorcycle ramp.

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