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In Cracking the Harmony Code, award-winning entrepreneur and best-selling author, Camilla Gray-Nelson, reveals Mother Nature’s secret code for achieving personal and professional goals. Using “influence through instinct,” she guides you up Nature’s Harmony Pyramid to its pinnacle of success, peace and happiness. The author charts a pathway for individuals and business professionals alike, to foster unity at home and at work, using her innovative Harmony Pyramid as the framework. Accessing Mother Nature as its guide, this book offers insights to effective living that typical leadership, parenting and relationship books overlook. Including stories of her own business and personal experiences, Gray-Nelson creates a practical and actionable guide to return to what we all want – harmony and connection at work, at home and in love.A tale of pyramids, secrets and archetypes, Cracking the Harmony Code holds the answers to our personal success at work, parenting and love. It reveals Nature’s ancient, unwritten code for social interaction which has allowed animals to live in harmony for millennia, getting what they need from others regardless of their station, using influence through instinct instead of aggression or fighting. As human animals ourselves, this can be our code for peace and cooperation as well!The book reveals how, by understanding universal instincts and Nature’s unwritten social rules, we can anticipate behaviors in those around us and cleverly redirect them to achieve the results we want without undue conflict or argument, by utilizing “Influence through Instinct”. The books points out that humans are unique in the Animal World, not because we have evolved beyond our instincts, but because we have the unique ability to either override or capitalize upon them. Cracking the Harmony Code shows us how.A 6-Tiered Pyramid of Social Harmony© has been decoded and is our mountain to climb for success in every social interaction. Seven Animal Secrets are required preparation for the journey and finally, selecting the correct Archetypal Action Style– depending on the situation – is crucial to completing the journey to ultimate Harmony and peacefully getting what we want. Each interaction is a separate journey but the guidance in Cracking the Harmony Code teaches a new, introspective way to analyze and repair relationships and achieve a happier, more fulfilled life with those around us in any situation.Because Cracking the Harmony Code reveals the Inner Animal in ourselves and others around us and the instincts that drive human behavior from beneath the surface, in a larger sense it is a book promoting tolerance. With a new understanding of why people act the way they do, one can stop taking things so personally, reacting in anger or assuming the worst about others and begin addressing personal and social problems from their root — more calmly, rationally, and compassionately. That powerful people can get what they want from others is no surprise. But the fact that Nature has a secret method for even the less powerful to get what they want is the most exciting revelation in Cracking the Harmony Code.After reading this book, you will never look at your relationships – or your world — in the same way.

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