Cryptography for Kids: So you want to be...



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People have been writing in code for hundreds of years. Breaking that code has resulted in many military victories and broken relationships. 

Learning how to break code can be a fun puzzle activity and lead to a life time of learning. It can also teach the basics of algorithms and computer coding. 

In this introductory book, kids will learn the most basic of codes and ciphers. 30 introductory puzzles are included for them to crack. Additional, skills that they can practice on their own are included as a bonus. 

Outside equipment will be needed to fully utilize this book. At a minimum, a pencil will be needed, but other items are recommended within the book. If you have bought the ebook, you will additionally need paper, preferable lined or graph paper. 

This is the first book in a series to get your child interested in cryptography and on the road to becoming skilled at puzzles and coding. The introductory puzzles are aimed at children ages 8-13. More advanced puzzles are included and may require some adult assistant or be frustrating for younger children. These codes require a good grasp of the alphabet and word recognition. They will not be able to be solved by younger children who cannot read well yet without assistance. 

Most codes are inspirational or contain snippets of the history of cryptography. 

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