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What is the best cryptogram you ever solved? What did you enjoy the most about it?

I’ve been meaning to create a cryptogram puzzle book made up of just humorous inspirational cryptoquotes and I finally made it happen! What’s a cryptogram you ask? For those of you who have never done one a cryptogram is a puzzle where the letters of a quote are rearranged, and your challenge is to get the right letters to decipher the code.

Solving cryptograms always makes me feel better than solving monotonous word searches or crossword puzzles and they are even more exciting than Sudoku. If you are looking to stay mentally sharp or enjoy putting your thoughts together to solve puzzles, then you also will want to experience the excitement of cryptograms. I hope you have as much fun solving these 260 humorous and inspirational LARGE PRINT cryptogram puzzles as I did creating them!

In this book you will discover:

  • Puzzles that were made for everybody. It doesn’t matter if you are a cryptogram expert or just starting out.
  • 260 cryptogram puzzles chosen only after meticulously looking thru thousands of quotes to find puzzles you would enjoy the most.
  • This book contains no grammar errors or typos.
  • While these cryptogram puzzles provide for hours of fun they are also perfect for improving brain function, stress reduction, and providing a nice break from everyday routines.
  • With LARGE FONT being used you will not need to squint and there is plenty of room to solve your puzzles.
  • No foul language, appropriate for kids or adults.
  • Great for boosting your brain’s abilities!

Also one more thing – be careful when choosing the right cryptogram puzzle book. Some books have puzzles with foul language, terrible typos, or use small fonts with bad formatting. Also some have thousands of quotes but they are uninteresting. Don’t say I didn’t warn you I just want you to have the best experience possible.

That’s it! Just know that I am very happy to bring you this humorous and inspirational cryptogram puzzle book. For many hours of fun and a good time get your copy of Cryptoquote Puzzle Book For Adults: 260 Humorous Large Print Cryptograms today!

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