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This Book Bundle Includes 7 Books:

Book 1 – 25 Most Common Security Threats & How To Avoid Them

Book 2 – 21 Steps For Implementing The Nist Cybersecurity Framework

Book 3 – Cryptography Fundamentals & Network Security

Book 4 – How to Get Into Cybersecurity Without Technical Background

Book 5 – Wireless Technology Fundamentals

Book 6 – Learn Fast How To Hack Any Wireless Networks

Book 7 – Learn Fast How To Hack Like A Pro

Both Wired and Wireless Pen Testing has become a key skill amongst professional hackers using Kali Linux.

If you want to become a Cybersecurity Professional, Ethical Hacker, or a Penetration Tester, BUY THIS BOOK NOW AND GET STARTED TODAY!

Book 1 will cover:

•Software Bugs and Buffer Overflow, Weak Passwords, Path Traversal, SQL Injection

•Cross Site Scripting, Cross-site forgery request, Viruses & Malware

•ARP Poisoning, Rogue Access Points, Man in the Middle on Wireless Networks

•De-Authentication Attack, Wireless Collision Attack, Wireless Replay Attacks and more…

Book 2 will cover:

•Basic Cybersecurity concepts, How to write a security policy, IT staff and end-user education

•Patch Management Deployment, HTTP, HTTPS, SSL & TLS, Scanning with NMAP

•Access Control Deployments, Data in Transit Security, IDS & IPS Systems & Proxy Servers

•Data Loss Prevention & RAID, Incremental VS Differential Backup, and more…

Book 3 will cover:

•Cryptography Basics, Hashing & MD5 Checksum, Hash Algorithms and Encryption Basics

•Cipher Text, Encryption Keys, and Digital Signatures, Stateless Firewalls and Stateful Firewalls

•AAA, ACS, ISE and 802.1X Authentication, Syslog, Reporting, Netflow & SNMP

•BYOD Security, Email Security and Blacklisting, Data Loss Prevention and more…

Book 4 will cover:

•You will learn the pros and cons of Cybersecurity Jobs, so you can have a better understanding of this industry.

•You will learn what salary you can expect in the field of Cybersecurity.

•You will learn how you can get working experience and references while you can also get paid.

•You will learn how to create a Professional LinkedIn Profile step by step that will help you get noticed, and begin socializing with other Cybersecurity Professionals and more…

Book 5 will cover:

•Electromagnetic Spectrum, RF Basics, Antenna Types

•Influencing RF Signals, Path Loss aka Attenuation, Signal to Interference Ratio

•Beacons, Active & Passive Scanning, Frame Types

•802.11 a/b/g/n/ac /ax/ WiFI 6 / 5G networks and more.

Book 6 will cover:

•PenTest Tools / Wireless Adapters & Wireless Cards for Penetration Testing

•How to implement MITM Attack with Ettercap, How to deploy Rogue Access Point using MITM Attack

•How to deploy Evil Twin Deauthentication Attack with mdk3, How to deploy DoS Attack with MKD3

•4-Way Handshake & Fast Roaming Process, Data Protection and Data Tampering and more…

Book 7 will cover:

•Pen Testing @ Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3, What Penetration Testing Standards exist

•Burp Suite Proxy setup and Spidering hosts, How to deploy SQL Injection

•How to implement Dictionary Attack with Airodump-ng, How to deploy ARP Poisoning with EtterCAP

•How to implement MITM Attack with Ettercap & SSLstrip, How to Manipulate Packets with Scapy

•How to deploy Deauthentication Attack, How to capture IPv6 Packets with Parasite6 and more.


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