Julius Caesar: A Life From Beginning to ...


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☆ Julius Caesar ☆

A little over 2000 years ago a man named Julius Caesar changed the world. Even if you had never heard of him his lasting legacy has no doubt had an impact on your life. No doubt, even the very calendar that you use is based upon the system he created, with the month of July bearing his name. So who was this man that singlehandedly changed the course of history?

Inside you will read about…

✓ The Underpinnings of a Republic

✓ The Real Struggle Begins

✓ When in Rome

✓ The Ides of March

This book follows the life and legacy of the man whose life stood as a footnote between Republic and Empire. The man who has inspired playwrights, governments, and the very days of the week, the life of Julius Caesar is an incredible journey to behold.

Series Information: Military Biographies Book 3

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