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Manuscript 1:

Kali Linux is believed to be amongst the best open-source security packages, which can be used by an ethical hacker. It consists of different sets of tools, which are divided into various categories. The user can install it as an operating system in the machine. The applications of Kali Linux have certainly evolved since it was first developed. Now, it is not only the best platform available for an information security professional, but it has become an industrial-level operation system distribution.

In this book, you will learn about

•The basics of Kali Linux

•How to install Kali Linux

•Steps to download Kali Linux

•About ARM devices

•Tips for troubleshooting

•The applications and use of Kali Linux

•Different tools available in Kali Linux, and much more!

Manuscript 2:

The book contains a practical approach to understand the different aspects of Kali Linux. It starts with a basic introduction to Kali Linux, followed by understanding how the hacking process works, and then understanding cybersecurity concept. With this core understanding, we then move to how Kali Linux is connected with Debian. To help new beginners, we also cover Linux Fundamentals. Next, our focus completely changes to what Kali Linux offers. We learn about Kali Linux configuration, documentation, community, security, monitoring, security assessment, and tools.

In this book, you will learn the following:

•Kali Linux introduction and installation

•Introduction to hacking and hacking process

•Learning cybersecurity concepts

•Linux fundamentals refresh

•Kali Linux configuration

•Kali Linux Documentation and Community

•Debian Package Management

•Kali Linux Security Assessment

•Kali Linux Tools

•Network Scanning

Manuscript 3:

This book is for you if you are a technical professional who can benefit from knowing how penetration testers work. You will gain knowledge about the techniques used by penetration testers, which you could further use to make your systems secure. The knowledge in this book is not limited to developers, server admins, database admins, or network admins. You could transition from being a technical professional to a professional penetration tester by reading through this book, which will give you all the information you need. The knowledge that you already possess as a technical expert will give you the advantage of learning about penetration testing and Kali Linux in no time. The book will take you through examples that give you a step by step guide to using Kali Linux tools in all the five stages of the penetration testing life cycle. By trying out these examples by setting up your own Kali Linux system (which you already did in book one), you will be on your way to becoming a Penetration Tester. Throughout this book, you will gather information on the following:

•How do firewalls work in Kali Linux?

•How does the hacking process work?

•An introduction to Reconnaissance

•An introduction to Scanning

•Applications used in reconnaissance and scanning

•An introduction to Exploitation

•Applications and techniques used in exploitation

•How do you continue to maintain access into the system?

•What is reporting and the different tools used in reporting

If you are an aspiring security engineer, the understanding of penetration testing will help you make your systems at home or your organization ever more secure. It will help you broaden your thought process and let you foresee how an attacker sees things in an information system.

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