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Best sellers 2020 !Imagine, Write, visualize and make your wishes come true, a method to implement the work of Nikola Tesla and make your wishes come true. the prestigious inventor and scientist Nikola Tesla was able to imagine as well as see an invention in his mind during these “moment of clarity” in almost holographic detail. He claimed that he could even turn these visions all over the place , take them apart piece by piece and so he knew exactly how he was going to build his Inventions based on his experiences, much like the hero of Iron Man with his holographic images. By imagining you realize the method is very simple write over the pages your wishes materialize them in your mind and 21 days later the realization takes shape. Take possession of the secret key to energy and the magic of the universe accompanies you in the realization of your wishes.Tesla has taken into account the digital models that occur in the universe, as in the formation of stars, the development of embryonic cells, and many others that some call “God’s plan”. It works just believe of the power 369 and the UNIVERSE GIVE like by MAGIC”WRITE READ REPEAT IMAGINE CONCRETE!” -100 PAGES – DIMENSIONS. 8.5X11PoBest sellers best bookbest notebook

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