Morse Code Quilts: Material Messages for...


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It’s easy to translate the dots and dashes of Morse code into beautiful pieced quilts. The concept is simple, and the possibilities are endless!

  • 10 projects for unique modern quilts and wall hangings
  • Simple technique for sewing customized quilts for birthdays, weddings, graduations, congratulations, and more
  • Learn to use Morse code to endow your projects with “secret” messages such as names, favorite quotations, sayings, and simple sentiments
  • Provides charts for both letters and numbers, and shows how to translate dots and dashes into a quilt layout
  • Includes methods to calculate yardage requirements and cutting instructions

Morse Code Quilts shows how to use Morse code to customize your quilts with secret messages and hidden meanings. A baby quilt can contain the child’s name and birthday, or a wedding quilt might feature the happy couple’s names along with the date of their vows. Favorite quotations, popular sayings, and simple sentiments are all wonderful opportunities to create a unique quilt!

Morse Code Quilts offers ten projects that express the aesthetic of modern quilts, including a wall hanging stating “The Adventure Begins,” a rainbow quilt that says “Love is Love,” and a graduation quilt coded “The World Awaits.”

Author Sarah J. Maxwell provides charts for both letters and numbers, and shows how to convert dots and dashes into a quilt layout. She also includes methods to calculate yardage requirements, as well as cutting instructions.

Create beautiful, unique quilts to send secret notes to your loved ones with the clever material messages and techniques inside Morse Code Quilts!

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