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Did you know that Mr Darcy had a canine companion called ‘Julius Caesar’ that played a crucial role in bringing him and Elizabeth Bennet together?

Huh, you didn’t!?

Then, here is a story told by the eerily intelligent dog specially for you.

There are two things which make Julius Caesar particularly worried about his master. One is that Darcy is a taciturn man who has no flair for pleasantry, which may give offence where it really matters. So, Caesar has a near-impossible task whenever he tries to show his master in as favourable a light as possible. The other worry is as follows. Darcy is eagerly sought-after as an eligible parti as he is rich, tall and handsome, and young ladies desperately try to capture him and get up to all sorts of tricks. But intelligent as he may be, Darcy is quite slow about these issues and often fails to see the danger he is in. Thus, Caesar considers it his sacred duty to protect his master from the unwanted attention of females.

This is a story of how, in order to promote the match between his master and the lady of his life, Caesar endeavours to do everything in his power, sometimes with valuable aid from Darcy’s valet and his fellow canine friend, who also knows a great deal about the goings-on in the human world. At every key point in the scenes from Pride & Prejudice and also behind the scenes, Caesar plays a crucial role.

What would Mr Darcy have done without this highly dependable companion!? One thing is for certain. Without Julius Caesar, Pride & Prejudice as we know it would never have existed!

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