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CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve just found your NEW FAVORITE coloring + activity book! Get ready for
80+ pages of clever activities that will
banish boredom and make you smarter while you laugh out loud! PETS FROM AROUND THE WORLD Coloring + Activity Book goes WAY BEYOND the basics to deliver page after page of
ADDICTIVE activities and
FUN and FUNNY facts. Enjoy popular activities like mazes, crosswords, and spot-the-difference, and discover
TOTALLY NEW kinds of activities you won’t find in other books: Breed the ULTIMATE NEW PET using our funny pet breed name generator! Draw a cat using LETTERS! Follow the flowchart to discover your PET SOUL MATE!

These creative activities and fun-fact coloring pages
relieve stress and hold your attention. Release endorphins as you solve the puzzles and LAUGH as you discover the unexpected answers! Recommended for ages 8 and up!

List of activities:

25 Fun-fact coloring pages

2 Hidden pet pictures

5 Mazes

1 Mind-Blowing Cats vs Dogs debate2 Mystery word pages

3 How to Draw PETS tutorials

2 Spot the Difference

3 Mystery Dot to Dot

4 Decoding secret words & jokes

2 Pages of laugh-out-loud pet jokes

1 Fill-in-the-blank Story

3 Crosswords

1 Word search

1 Creative Pet Comic

1 Pet Soul Mate flowchart

3 Math challenges

2 Creative drawing challenges

1 Best in Show PET awards


List of pets included:

tarantula, cat, dog, llama, bird, reptile, tortoise, snake, lizard, fish, sugar glider, rabbit, hamster, gerbil, guinea pig, mouse, rat, hedgehog, mike the headless chicken, cheetah, monkey, bat, raccoon, penguin, koala bear, crocodile, quail, chameleon, cockatiel, dove, hare, pig, rhinoceros beetle, longhorn, salamander, chihuahua, bunny, sea monkey, hermit crab, purple pincher, peppermint angelfish, african giant millipede, tiger, pet rock, parrot, finch, chimpanzee, amano shrimp, green tree python, african dormouse, ferret, capybara, chinchilla, african pixie frog, bearded dragon, betta fish, gecko, chiengora, chow chow, pomeranian, turtle, leopard gecko, goldfish, iguana.

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