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Ever since humans first began to communicate, we’ve had secrets to keep — secrets of state, war, business, or the heart. From the moment the first secret message was sent, others were busy trying to decipher it. By rearranging, substituting, or transposing symbols, any message can be encoded or decoded — if you know how.

Secrets of Making and Breaking Codes is a practical field manual designed to teach you the basic mechanics of enciphering and deciphering communications. The author has used his extensive knowledge of and experience in electronic communications and languages — as well as his decades of fascination with secret codes — to demystify the field of cryptology.

Hamilton Nickels uses plain, uncomplicated English and simple, workable systems that rely on neither advanced mathematics, nor on ethereal philosophies. This is the only hands-on guide to both the simplest cipher schemes — that need little more than scratch paper and a pencil to crack — as well as more sophisticated codes that use one-time code books, pocket calculators, and the most advanced computer-based systems used by the military and diplomatic corps of most governments.

Letting the wrong eyes see a secret message can often make the difference between victory and defeat, success and failure, life and death.
Secrets of Making and Breaking Codes will make mastering codes easier.

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