Selections from Caesar’s Gallic Wa...


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This book was written by teachers for teachers. It contains Book I, Chapters 1-7; Book 4, Chapters 24-36; Book 5, Chapters 24-48; and Book 6, Chapters 13-20, the selections featured on AP©* tests. In addition, it has a graded review based on Suetonius’s Life of Caesar, with grammar becoming more complex as the story continues; a guide to the essentials of grammar (with copious examples from Caesar’s works); a complete vocabulary with lists of important figures and military vocabulary; and many pictures. The notes, grammar questions, and comprehension questions were written by current Latin teachers based on their experience with today’s students. The book was field tested on both standard and advanced Latin classes. This book features a sturdy binding and a UV-resistant cover to help it stand up to vigorous use. *The College Entrance Examination Board owns the registered trademarks AP and Advanced Placement. It does not endorse this product and was not involved in its production in any way.

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