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Recovered from a strong box on the Millennium Falcon, Star Wars: Smuggler’s Guide traces its own extraordinary journey through such notorious characters as Maz Kanata, Hondo Ohnaka, Drydon Vos, Lando Calrissian, and Han Solo. Explore previously unknown details about the underhanded dealings of the galaxy’s underworld.


The lengths to which the underworld will go for a legendary prize is unparalleled. What started as a simple logbook with a piece of valuable information was soon stolen, traded, and smuggled around the outer rim and shady ports. With each pirate, thief, gambler, and criminal who took possession of the book, new insight and details were added, creating the
Smuggler’s Guide—a coveted collection of hidden treasure locations, advice, and hard-earned data.


From the Publisher

star words

star words

star wars

star wars

Beneath these are the myriad ranks of those who find work in the underworld.

• Smugglers, gunrunners, bootleggers, hunt spoilers, hazmat dumpers

• Kidnappers, thieves, extortionists, blackmailers

• Legbreakers, bodyguards, mercenaries, poachers

• Outlaw techs, ship modders, cyborg docs

• Counterfeiters, embezzlers, credit launderers, usurers, black marketers, criminal fences

• Gamblers, bookmakers, fight fixers

• Saboteurs, arsonists

• Pirates, shipjackers, bandits, gunslingers

star wars

star wars

Trading is essential to smuggling and making a profit.



• Coaxium (timely delivery is critical)

• Quarren artisanal ink

(used in Hutt kajidic tattoos)

• Harch industrial adhesive

• Gaberwool flaxen fibers

• Kibnon or Nevoota stimulant pollen

• Megonite moss (stable packaging is critical)

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