Stoicism and the Statehouse: An Old Phil...


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Over the span of two thousand years, the Stoic philosophy has helped men and women overcome adversity from the highest positions of power to the darkest corners of prison. In
Stoicism and the Statehouse, State Representative Pat McGeehan draws upon the classics to make the case for this durable method of reasoning to effectively advance political freedom. Designed for the liberty-oriented statesman, the moral traditions of this mental discipline are used to offer advice on how elected leaders should ethically conduct themselves underneath any capitol dome.
This thought-provoking guidance incorporates wisdom from a wide mix of towering figures, both time-honored and contemporary–featuring insight from the brilliant slave-turned-philosopher Epictetus, the introspective Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, and the heroic prisoner of war, Admiral James Stockdale.


Included is a fresh look at ancient Rome’s greatest senator, Cato the Younger–a riveting biography that history fans will appreciate. The crisp explanation of Stoicism will also pique the interest of readers who enjoy early Greek and Roman thought. Although the author proposes a recipe to reform the politician, anyone facing personal struggles can benefit from the principles described in this book.

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