The 11: 11 Code: The Great Awakening by ...


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After accumulating an exhaustive amount of data during his years of deeply immersive global travel experiences, Charles J. Wolfe presents the sacred application of geometry and numerology as the divine map to humankind’s enlightenment process throughout the millennia. What feels at first like science fiction is actually science-fact backed up by over 700 documented sources as well as other forms of validation that draw upon his engineering and physics backgrounds.

While exploring many of the world’s most fascinating events and mysteries in a way that enchants the reader, Wolfe discusses concepts like infinity, eternity, and human consciousness and spirituality using language understandable for the novice while still challenging the expert. A whirlwind adventure through the cosmos and history, this book unveils a secret architecture of numbers that could very well revolutionize the study of numerology and breathe new life into the subject.

The 11:11 Code: The Great Awakening by the Numbers provides a deeper understanding of the creative spirit of the universe, how everything is connected, and what it all means in terms of The Great Awakening already underway.

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