The Book of Mormon Code: Deciphering the...



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Could the ancient authors of The Book of Mormon have strategically encrypted additional layers of sacred messages beneath the surface of the text we have yet to notice and benefit from? After a decade of exhilarating and meticulous research into this theory, educator and author Natasha Pizorno unearths countless astonishing divine Hebrew ciphers throughout this sacred book. This fascinating, faith promoting book is a game changer for anyone ready to take scripture study to the next level. By learning the code you’ll discover:•Laban’s sword, Lehi’s tent, and Nephi’s ship are actually Hebrew cryptograms. •“And it came to pass” is an ancient encoded symbol of the crucifixion of Christ. •How and why the entire Hebrew alphabet is embedded in 1st Nephi. •How the modern sacrament prayer retains the Hebrew word for blood and water. •Why the pattern of three is so prolific and profound in The Book of Mormon, and much more. Those who know the code, will never read the scriptures the same way again!“The author’s comprehensive examination of ancient cryptograms is not only eye-opening, but also enthralling. Written in a user-friendly format that defies the dry and often pretentious presentation of research of this caliber, this book could be categorized as a non-fiction mystery thriller. The Book of Mormon Code is truly a page turner you will want to refer to frequently whether you’re studying The Book of Mormon or The Bible. Anyone with a desire to enhance his or her knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ and grow closer to the Savior should read this book!”Ardeth Kapp, Young Women’s General President 1984-92

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