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Turn the page and take a step back in time!

From the Stories From History series, The Life of Julius Caesar takes a completely factual look at Julius Caesar’s rise to power in ancient Rome. This book is presented in a fast-paced, edgy graphic novel format including bright, action-packed scenes.

Julius Caesar enlarged Rome’s control of the ancient world through skillful military leadership, defeating enemies in far away countries, as well as in Rome, eventually becoming dictator for life. His reign was cut short when Romans assassinated him in 44 B.C. However, Caesar’s legacy of creating one of the greatest empires the world has ever known would live on. The Life of Julius Caesar is sure to capture any reader’s attention and turn even the most casual reader into a history buff!


• Full-Color illustrations

• Fact Boxes

• Timeline, glossary, and index

Tales from the past meet modern-day storytelling! Epic battles, secret plots, and brave warriors await readers in the nonfiction Stories From History series. Discover history in a fast-paced format, taking readers right to the action! History has never been this exciting! Check out the other titles in this series!

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