The Poison Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel (...



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When the enemies of freedom hide beneath a patriot’s flag, it’s up to American covert operative Chase Fulton to find a way to infiltrate the criminal organization and dismantle it from within. Living inside a lie built on the foundations of greed, disregard for human life, and murderous intent may prove to be the most challenging assignment of his career.

As Chase battles his demons and questions his decisions to drive away a team member, the necessity of unit cohesion drives him to take on a solitary mission in which he’ll face enemies so driven by ideology and financial profit that they’ll make any deal, bribe any official, and flaunt their wealth in the faces of those who lack the resources to stand against them.

From the Wiregrass Region of southern Alabama to the burning deserts of northern Africa and the Middle East, Chase Fulton’s determination, endurance, and fortitude are put to the test against foes unlike any he’s ever faced in a realm he can scarcely imagine possible. The unthinkable mission promises to test alliances, stretch the bonds of friendship, and leave one of America’s finest warriors questioning everything he thought he knew. From the terrifying opening to the ominous conclusion, The Poison Chase promises to leave readers on the edge of their seats like never before.

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