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“A superb portrait of a bloody and brutal age… An ambitious and entertaining series.” Richard Foreman, author of Spies of Rome


King Arthur’s grandson, Coel ap Amhar, tells the story of his life.

His tale begins after the death of Arthur in battle. Britain is plunged into chaos.

Coel and his mother flee overseas. They take Arthur’s sword, Caledfwlch, once possessed and wielded by Julius Caesar.

Known as The Red Death, the blade is rumoured to possess unearthly powers.

Coel joins the Roman army under Flavius Belisarius, the one of the most renowned soldiers of the age, and fights in the Roman invasion of North Africa.

The Briton makes an enemy of the corrupt Empress of the East, Theodora, and falls into the clutches of Gelimer, the mad King of the Vandals.

To prove himself before the Emperor, Coel is forced to fight for his life in the arena against Theodora’s champion. The outcome of the bloody duel will decide not only his fate, but that of the Empire.

Caesar’s sword will be bloodied once more.

David Pilling is the author of fictional and non-fictional works, including Leader of Battles, Longsword, The White Hawk, Rebellion Against Henry III: The Disinherited Montfortians 1265-74, and many more.

Praise for David Pilling:

“Full of action and historical detail. A legend, re-invented and re-invigorated. Highly recommended.” Richard Foreman, author of Sword of Rome: The Complete Campaigns

“Pilling has created a wonderful reimagining of Robin Hood’s legend.” Jemahl Evans, author of Becket: Warrior

“A vivid and gripping tale of one man’s quest to regain his birthright.” Paul Bernardi, author of Thurkill’s Revenge

“An epic tale piecing together post-Arthurian legend — and that famous sword!” Alistair Forrest, author of Libertas

“In The Caesar’s Sword Saga, David Pilling performs an astonishing feat of historical reconstruction… Truly epic in concept and execution.” Peter Tonkin, author of The Ides

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