The Ultimate NES Cheat Book: Codes, Secr...



Price: $11.50
(as of Mar 30,2021 12:13:02 UTC – Details)

Struggling to find all those weird yellow triangle pieces in The Legend of Zelda? Bamboozled as to the location of the third and final warp whistle in Mario 3? Or maybe you just wanna find out how to microwave poor Ed’s pet hamster in Maniac Mansion? If ‘YES’ is your answer to all (or none) of the above questions, then you need ‘THE ULTIMATE NES CHEAT BOOK’. This indispensable guide will provide you with cheats, passwords, glitches and tactics to all your favourite games on the good old Nintendo Entertainment System. Covers EVERY SINGLE official NES title ever released. Secrets, codes or strategies for each game. Features many unofficial/unlicensed games. Also includes tons of Game Genie codes.

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